Trader Joe's Fan - Spectacular wines at a great price

vineyard_sm.gifGet ready for some real gems we found in the wine aisle.

Two fun, fruity Shirazes and a really pleasant and easy-to-drink Chianti -- all under $10.


Three Trader Joe's Wine Picks Under $10

wolfblass.gifstump_jump.gifWolf Blass South Australia Shiraz 2006 $7.99

Spicy on the tip of the tongue, this wine quickly transitions to a strong plum fruit with medium dry body and soft but lasting finish. A chocolate bouquet greets the nose, not disclosing the initially sharp flavor that awaits. A lingering tannin feeling gives this wine a memorable quality the rings in the mouth.

The Stump Jump Vintage 2006 Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre $9.99

Big and bright, this juicy wine is full of pepper, red fruit and herbs. A ruby red color in the glass, this attractive wine is streaked with soft tannins that reveal a pleasant acidity and shape. The medium finish draws out more red fruit and spice. If a wine can make you smile, this one will do the trick—happy, fresh and fruity.

Marchese de Petri Valore Chianti Riserva 2003 Italy $6.49

This straightforward wine is best served as a drinkable table wine. A classic Chianti, the smooth cherry and tobacco flavors of this bottle are happily met after a taunting bouquet of similar characteristics. A bright, medium body of dark fruit, this is a pleasant, easy-to-drink wine.
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