Trader Joe's Fan - 100 Calorie Packs
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Great snacks!
The sugar is a tad high in these, but what do you expect....they ARE cookies! And really good ones if I do say so myself. The chocolate graham toucans are my favorite. I like to put them in low-fat vanilla or plain yogurt. I only wish that they came in larger packages!

i love these cookies. I have tried other 100 calorie packs of cookies and chips and i find almost all of them lacking in flavor. If i wanted to eat cardboard to loose weight i would just eat cardboard its much cheaper! I find these the best treat because you can limit yourself. You open the package, eat the cookies, and then there are no more cookies. I dont know about you, but if im sitting with a box full of cookies i have a hard time stopping when there are so many more looking at me saying, "eat me im delicious!" So now i can get that satisfaction of eating a good cookie without going overboard. I just adore these cookies. Where would i be without them?

cheese toucans are great too!
I tried the oatmeal chocolate chip, cinnamon toucans, and just recently bought the cheese toucans....they are certainly VERY tasty, and as foxydot said, don't have a weird after-taste

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