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I've tried both the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip and the Chocolate Ghram Tocans and both are delicious. The small size of the individiual cookies means you get several in the small bag, so it really feels like a splurge. And unlike some other brands "100 calorie" packs that I've tasted, these are good, clean, no wierd after taste. The Oatmeal cookies are great as a carry around snack, in case of hunger. I had the Toucans today with coffee...mmmmm! A treat! The rich chocolately flavor was perfect with French Roast coffee!
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08/ 7/2006
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September 28, 2006

The sugar is a tad high in these, but what do you expect....they ARE cookies! And really good ones if I do say so myself. The chocolate graham toucans are my favorite. I like to put them in low-fat vanilla or plain yogurt. I only wish that they came in larger packages!

October 11, 2006

i love these cookies. I have tried other 100 calorie packs of cookies and chips and i find almost all of them lacking in flavor. If i wanted to eat cardboard to loose weight i would just eat cardboard its much cheaper! I find these the best treat because you can limit yourself. You open the package, eat the cookies, and then there are no more cookies. I dont know about you, but if im sitting with a box full of cookies i have a hard time stopping when there are so many more looking at me saying, "eat me im delicious!" So now i can get that satisfaction of eating a good cookie without going overboard. I just adore these cookies. Where would i be without them?

July 10, 2007

I tried the oatmeal chocolate chip, cinnamon toucans, and just recently bought the cheese toucans....they are certainly VERY tasty, and as foxydot said, don't have a weird after-taste

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