Trader Joe's Fan - Coconut Curry Chicken Stix
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Yummy Curry Fix
These are an easy alternative to take-out appetizers. Though they weren't super crisp out of the oven, they tasted great. The curry flavor, though obvious, wasn't overwhelming. I made these for myself and my husband as a low-key Friday night thing. I'm sure guests would appreciate them too.

When I saw the word "curry" in the description, I was expecting these stix to taste Indian. In fact, they taste like they've got a bit of Thai red curry paste in the filling. Delicious served alongside tofu yellow curry (made with Trader Joe's thai yellow curry sauce.) and rice.

Tasted alarmingly gamy, and the dipping sauce was mediocre. Ended up having to smother them with peanut sauce to make them palatable at all, and even then couldn't finish them. Not recommended.

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