Free Range Chicken

I like all of the Chicken at Trader Joe's, but I especially like the kosher type and the free range, nothing added kinds. The best part of them, after flavor and juiciness, is NO TRIMMING! I love the boneless skinless thighes, the chicken tenders (lean, no trimming, easy to "chunk" for stews and stir frys) and the whole chicken is so tasy and tender beyond comparison! We roast it in our Weber gas grill with oakwood smoke, TJs lemon-pepper in a grinder sprinkled and patted with olive oil inside and out, (sometimes also fresh rosemary) and fill the cavity with cut lemons, onions and maybe a quartered apple. These add moisture, fragrance and flavor beyond belief!!! The prices are great, too!!
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September 8, 2006

I like the chicken because I've never seen such juicier cuts of meat that end up cooking near perfect. Plus, the price isn't as expensive as you'd think for being in a healthy store. And you get more for less, and we refuse to purchase chicken elsewhere. Our favorite is buying the chicken thighs, and sprinkling them with canadian chicken seasoning, or perhaps one of emerill's seasonings and/or maybe creole seasoning before baking or grilling. Even our 2 year old daughter loves it that way!

October 8, 2006

I've never had a problem keeping these birds moist. The whole chicken is a great price, and great for making chicken soup.

August 20, 2008

free range chicken is pricey in nyc..but trader joes once again makes it affordable to everyone.

February 12, 2011

I love the individual wrapped boneless skineless chicken breast ! you just pull out what you want to eat .

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