Ginger Chews

I am a ginger lover and these candies are pretty good because they are gingery but sweet. Someone from a mother's group had commented on eating them when they were pregnant to ease nausea. Ginger is supposed to help. The only thing I really don't like about them is that they are really chewy and stick to your teeth.
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January 23, 2006

The heat builds up real quick when eating these. They are also, as has been said, very chewy and sticky. If you like hot spicy chewy candies, you'll love these. A little too extreme for me.

March 30, 2006

I am always looking for more ways to get in some beneficial ginger and this is a really tasty way to do it! It's got quite a little kick to it, beware. But I have turned on three of my co-workers to these chewy little gems. Really nice as a pick-me-up near the end of the day when you just want to lay your head on your desk and take a nap.

August 20, 2006

Ginger is wonderful for stomach nausea and aches. A few tips for using these delightful little gems: Spoon one or two into a hot cup of tea, without much sugar. The sugary ginger will melt and make a delicious ginger tea. Also, chop them very fine (as fine as you can with a sticky product, that is) and roll them into your favorite sugar cookie dough. The best ginger snap cookie you will ever eat because it's a mild cookie with little bits of ginger goodness, rather than a hard, hot gngersnap. Don't overlook chopping them into your stir fry dishes as well. The small bit of sugar caramelizes quickly and you're left with a melted ginger goo on your vegetables and meats. Quiet good! Finally, if you are a fan of wonderfully healthy but sweet treats, try this: Take and split a large date, and fill it with a spoon of cream cheese. Press a piece of ginger chew deep into the cream cheese. Bury in a tad more cream cheese. Ginger cream cheese stuffed dates ... oh my!

September 27, 2006

I've only tried these in the peanut flavor and they were great. An intresting combo of ginger and peanut--very tasty!

October 12, 2006

I've tried the regular and apple but the peanut is definitely my favorite. They make similar candies in asia with ginger and peanut flavor and the combination of the flavors go great together. Give them a try if you can handle the heat (some of my friends didn't like it for that reason) and make sure to give them a squeeze to make sure they're soft (I've bought old rock hard ones before and they're not good)

February 27, 2007

The Ginger People (the company that makes Ginger Chews) also makes candied ginger. YUM! I get the "Baker's Cut" variety. SO GOOD. A few pieces after dinner to help digestion. Nice and sweet and spicy.
(I have found the candied ginger at Whole Foods - competition...sorry)
I know that TJ's also sells candied ginger, too. IF you have found that their ginger can be a bit "woody" or tough, this Baker's Cut variety is SO NICE and tender.

July 20, 2007

i love the candies but almost every single one of my friends hates them..they're way too spicy for them. I love them because they're spicy and because they are sweet as well!
byL. Orange

February 26, 2008

I heart these candies. Love the heat from the ginger! Really soothes a sore throat, especially during the cold season!

June 23, 2008

these are great! but getting the darn things open is frustrating...the paper rips and leaves little bits stuck all over, which in turn makes me lose a good 1/4th of the darn chew as i pry off all the paper

September 25, 2008

love these little chewy bits of yum, in each of the flavors. Discovered them years ago, and still enjoy them. They do aid digestion!

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