Gourmet Pie Crusts

I have always made my own crusts. I started trying prepared crusts, but until we tried Trader Joe's, we never found any comparable to homemade. My husband has said we can always use this pie crust. I am very happy I don't have to roll dough anymore!!!
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11/ 3/2007
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May 21, 2010

A great product, pies and other things always turn out right, and taste noticeably better than usual (because of the butter I assume). I always keep a box of these in the freezer for emergency use. These are the only frozen pie crusts I have seen that are made with butter instead of shortening, and it makes a difference. It's also the only brand I can buy locally that doesn't contain lard. BTW don't microwave these things to make them thaw faster. The package warns you not to do this, but some people like me don't listen... microwaving will make the butter separate out and melt holes in the crusts.

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