Trader Joe's Fan - Green Plant Juice
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Highly recommend! Don't be put off by the sludge look
It looks daunting, but even though it looks like toxic sludge, it tastes amazing! "peach, mango, and banana purees and apple and pineapple juices. " is perfect and spot on. Jovanna wrote a great review. the texture is like a thin smoothie and really just tastes awesome. Try it out, you won't be dissapointed. 5 stars!

This scary poopie looking drink is awesome... I love drinking it at stops people in their tracks. My grandson thinks it's a "monster" drink" and drinks it because it looks gross.

Looks Like Pond Scum, tastes like a mango
I love this stuff. I drink a little shot of it in the morning and when I get home i have another one. make sure it's REALLY cold when you drink it

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