Trader Joe's Fan - Ground Buffalo Steak Burger
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Chili possibility
I am an employee at Trader Joe's in Folsom California and I have never had a better burger! The meat has a better flavor than ground beef, is a lot leaner, and when defrosted, can add a lot of different flavor and texture to chili ! Please try it !

Great buffalo burgers
My kids and I tried the sample offered at the TJ's in San Luis Obispo and our eyes lit up! Xlnt flavor, who would want to go back to regular ground beef after that??

Look for grass fed if healthier meat is what you're after
If you are looking for the health benefits of buffalo meat be sure to look for GRASS FED buffalo. Feeding buffalo grain increases the saturated fat and reduces the omega'3 and cla's. Not much better for you than regular ground beef. Lots of great farms out there have 100% grass fed buffalo, the meat is healthy and flavorful. Google grass fed buffalo and you'll have your pick.

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