Trader Joe's Fan - Jasmine Rice
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Threw my rice cooker away
It must have been an Asian ritual for some mom to give a child moving away on his/her own a rice cooker in fear of child starving to death. Well, I kept that rice cooker and ate noodles for many years until I saw these frozen rice. Now I can make fry rice, rice soup...etc in literally 5-10 minutes. I threw my rice cooker away during the last move after realizing there will be a TJ nearby.

brown rice
i've never had the jasmine rice before but my manager at work eats it all the time. My favorite is the brown rice which is stored right next to the jasmine rice and has the same packaging, except the cardboard is green. I cook it for 3 minutes and then add tons of veggies that I bbq to make a super quick stirfry. very good and tasty!

Lazy people rejoice
I LOVE this frozen jasmine rice. It is a bit pricier than buying normal rice and cooking it in a rice cooker though but for the added convenience of not having to clean the rice and waiting for it to cook...i'd say it's worth it! and i've tried the brown rice and it's not as good as the jasmine.

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