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Kathys SPECIAL MEATLOAF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was visiting from West Virginia and was in Trader Joes' with family when I accepted a sample of meatloaf( of which is far from my favorite food). I tasted this delecious meatloaf upon entering the car, I dashed from the car and back into the store for a printout, but it was writen on a blackboard, out of luck, out of time with family, no time to copy it down. This was in January and I called the Trader Joes' in Austin and got the recipe from Kathy, the demo girl. I was just in heaven, she gladly gave me the recipe, but when she got to Trader Joes' Indian Relish, my heart broke, she said the relish was what gave it the wonderful flavor. She said nothing else could be used. Now will have to PLEAD with my family to go back to Joes' where they shop anyway, but now Plead with them to buy some Trader Joes' Indian Relish and send it to me. And yes it is in glass jars. Had I known all this before departing Santa Ana, My carry on luggage would had noting but as much Indian Relish as I could carry. This is a GREAT MEATLOAF!!!!!!!!!

Question about meatloaf
Did you reserve some of the Apricot preserves to serve as a Meatloaf "glaze" on the top?

Yep, Good stuff
I used the ground turkey, and added chopped onions, I used only about 3/4 jar of India Relish (I used the rest with some of the corn and pepper soup) but 3/4 was plenty (India Relish is rich and spicy). I left out the corn (not a favorite of hubbys) I subbed Trader Joe's Japanese Panko crumbs for bread crumbs (I like the lighter texture with Turkey) and I reserved a little bit of the Apricot Preserves to spread on top of the loaf, then when it had baked for 50 minutes or so, I took it out and added the NEW Trader Joe's fried onions (they are better than the Durkee ones) Thanks Kathy great combo of flavors.

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