Molokai Coffee

I am totally hooked on this amazing coffee! It's 100% Moloka'i Hawaiian Coffee and new at Trader Joe's. The cashier said it was a steal considering that Molokai coffee is grown in limited quantities on the tiny island. It's a rich dark roast made from whole arabica beans and has this spectacular aroma as well as the kick I need in the morning. With my regular amount of cream and sugar (ok, my weakness) it's really a super smooth treat. I can definitely taste the chocolate tones in it and it will make THE BEST iced coffee this summer.
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06/ 4/2008
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bytj fanatic

June 6, 2008

I love dark roasts but it seems like a lot of the time that dark roast coffees are too dark - the "almost burned" flavor becomes the dominant thing on my tongue.

I've brewed 4-5 cups now on my trusty Saeco and this coffee is totally different. It's a dark roast but I can taste all sorts of flavors when I drink it. Definitely my new favorite. Hope the next can is the same.

June 6, 2008

I like dark roast coffees because they tend to be less acidic and more smooth than lighter roasts, but this coffee still had quite a bit of acidity. It would be a great coffee for those people looking for something a bit richer than the usual stuff without the traditional dark roast taste, but it wasn't what I personally like in a coffee.
bytj fanatic

June 6, 2008

following up on August's definitely has a rich taste - a complex taste that lingers in the mouth. No flat taste and no over-roasted taste. I love it.

June 11, 2008

This stuff is incredible. Forget Kona (coffee for those who don't like coffee). Nice dark roast with more after flavor than any other to my taste. Not burnt tasting like most Starbucks and Millstone blends. I picked up a 13 oz. can to try and noticed they had some brewed and tried it (with a little cream and sugar, yeah I know...) then it was "Holy Buckets Batman!". Bought another can, but should have gotten more.

BTW, if you live near a Gordon Food Service their Kenya AA dark roast at $9.95 (on the frequent "manager's specials) for a FULL 2 pounds has to be the best bargain in premium coffee.

June 19, 2008

I am a dark roast fan, but I agree with many other comments here that this Moloka'i is not typical. It offers something different and WONDERFUL. So many flavors going on in this coffee. Incredibly smooth with no burnt taste. I'm so glad I grabbed a can. Definitely a new favorite of mine! Drinking good coffee is my only luxury; I hope this one stays on the shelf for a long time. I highly recommend a try on this one.

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