Premium Salmon Patties

6 wild caught frozen salmon patties ready to cook and serve! These salmon patties are 100% salmon which allows you to dress them up however you like. These are great on the grill with a little lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper. Put these on a grilled bun with homemade tartar sauce and crispy lettuce and you have a deliciously quick dinner that rivals anything you could buy in a seafood restaurant!
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September 17, 2008

my oppinion these patties come out very dry, ive tryed cooking them stovetop, george forman grill, oven and even a steamer! better sticking with the real deal rather than smashed pieces of salmon formed into patties

September 30, 2008

These were so fishy.. I realize salmon is an oily fish and can have a stronger taste especially after freezing it, but the smell was so over-powering that you really couldn't distinguish a taste other than very fishy fish.

September 30, 2008

This is one of the rare disappointments I have encountered in 25+ years (!) of shopping TJs. The patties simply stunk like a can of cat food and the texture was well, very "ground up". I'll stick with whole filets, thank you.

October 1, 2008

Beg to differ -- these are one of our favorite TJ's products and they far outshine typical 'ground' salmon 'burgers', the texture is so much nicer than processed. Maybe grilled fillet is better, but 5 patties for $4 bucks is hard to beat. I love 'em grilled on the bbq or G. Foreman, on a bun w/ lettuce, tomato and some aioli. Maybe others are overcooking them? They cook really fast, and i coat both sides w/ olive oil first.

August 7, 2009

I've tried these patties a few times and cooked them both in the microwave and on the stovetop. They always turned out very dry and a bit too salty for me.

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