Cuban Style Wrap

Bought this based on the desription in the Fearless Flyer. Sometimes their premade sandwiches are good, sometimes a huge waste of dollars. I have to say this was well worth the 3.99! While I am sure this is a far cry from authetic, it was really tasty! A good combination of pork, turkey, ham, swiss cheese pickle and a nice musard sauce in what looked like a sun dried tomato tortilla. It had a good combination of flavor and texture. it wasn't soggy or salty and didn't need to be heated up, making it perfect to grab and shove in my lunch sack with a yogurt and call it a day. I really like that the sauce is on the side allowing me to add as much or as litttle as I want, since i prefer regular mustard as opposed to mustard sauce at times. Still, i recommend this and was happy to see it! I love that they are really going all over the world gastronomically speaking.
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