Frozen Mini Baguettes

From Trader Jacques Freezer Aisle, comes bagged mini baguettes (6 count) imported from France.

"6 mini baguettes imported from France which are so authentic they could easily transport you right back to your favorite Parisian boulangerie. Once heated for just a few minutes, the crust is thin and crisp; the interior has that perfect hint of yeastiness. If you like your baguettes a little chewy, just let them defrost and don't reheat."

Product of France.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, water, salt, yeast.
1 baguette (40g)
6 per container
100 calories
0g fat
220mg sodium
22g carbs
3g Protein

With the exception of the rustic Pane bread, I'm not a fan of TJ's artisan breads. They seem always a bit too tough to the tooth, for me. So, was it worth it to buy a bag of imported small, frozen precooked baguettes instead of a fresh loaf from my local bakery or from TJ's own bakery aisle?

Yes, yes. Oh yes, a thousand times yes.

The baguettes are so delicious and chewy when not heated, and when heated, the crust is so thin, crispy and crackly, with a tender custardy interior, that it just begs for a good salad, a steaming bowl of soup, a freshly poached egg, or some cheese and fruit. You won't regret this buy! I certainly didn't, and went back for several bags to keep on hand in the freezer.
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