Frozen Herbs

Garlic, basil and parsley. Great for cooking, easy and tasty!!! A definite must try!!
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02/ 3/2006
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February 5, 2006

I use these herbs often and they are great!! Would love to see more variety.

March 1, 2006

Why didn't I think of this!

So clever, good taste and so easy. Although the basil could be a little more pungent and "basily."

March 30, 2006

First, you need to know what you are looking for if you haven't seen these little gems - you might miss them!

These are a small package, green lid about 3 inches square, with about 25 (I think) little cubes of either Parsley, Garlic or Basil. I love these. I just pop out a cube or two right from the freezer right into sauces. I use two cubes of garlic and a cube of parsley and a cube of basil to a stick of butter on the stove and I have an instant scampi sauce in under 5 minutes. (Feel free to add a splash of white wine if you wish.)

Now, I only wish they had frozen snashed ginger! Then, Stir Fry would be breeze!

May 27, 2006

I love these! I have used the basil in fresh, cold pasta salads many times by popping 3-4 cubes in a bowl and microwaving for about 10 seconds. Then smash with a fork and add to the pasta salad. I agree with another reviewer that I wish they had more varieties, but the ones available are great!

July 31, 2006

Love this stuff. My only problem is that I forget that they're in the freezer, and I remember them when I run out of my dried herbs. I should switch gears and buy only this frozen stuff, and when I run out, dig around for the dried herbs. Duh! Way better, too!!

August 31, 2006

5+ stars on this one. I've turned so many people on to these little things - I think they get passed over because they occupy such a small section of the freezer. They are the best for just popping into food for a little kick. The TJs in Shrewsbury MA has cillantro as well. I've really added parsley to my cooking because of these little things.

October 4, 2006

More flavorful--and god knows, easier, than if I'd chopped the garlic fresh!

July 26, 2007

The cilantro cubes are great, too.

June 2, 2009

I have every single one in my freezer. Beats chopping garlic! And, you don't get those unwanted garlic chunks in your food because it's already made into a paste for you. I use these every day!

February 10, 2010

It is almost a sin to run out of these in our house. We are garlic lovers (good thing we both are!) - all of the variations are perfect for adding to store bought/canned soups to add additional flavor (along with fresh veggies/beans/whatever else you have on hand).

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