Trader Joe's Fan - Garlic Naan Bread
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These are great. We cooked one up to taste test, and they taste EXACTLY like the ones at the restaurants, the same texture aswell, which is important.

I always like them a bit more garlicy, but hey, thats an easy fix! Good naan bread isn't... so, these are great.

Try it with the Indian Food!
This naan is great with the Trader Joe's indian food that comes in a foil bag. All you have to do is boil it for 5 minutes. It's a great meal you can put together under 15 minutes!

it's almost as good as fresh
We LOVE naans to begin with, and were ecstatic when TJ's started carrying this product. We eat them not only with indian food but also with grilled or baked chicken, or whenever we want to use it instead of rice or regular bread. believe it or not, we enjoy it with a roast. i love putting butter on it. the regular naans are good too.

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