Pork Shu Mai

From the Fearless Flyer: "Some people say shu mai is a Chinese favorite. Some say Japanese. Here's what we know for sure – shu mai may well have originated in China, but it's become loved the world over, from Japan to the United States. And that's where Trader Joe's comes in. We're lovers of all kinds of Asian foods, but the little treats known as dim sum are among our favorites. And Trader Ming's Pork Shu Mai are among the most authentic dim sum we've tasted outside a specialty restaurant. Their outer layer is a traditional dumpling/wonton skin, and the inside is a classic filling of pork and Chinese-style seasonings. They're delicately flavored and decidedly satisfying, terrific appetizers for any Asian-inspired meal. Or how about making them the center of attention at a dim sum dinner party? All it takes is a quick trip to Trader Joe's freezers to get that party started in no time at all. Each nine ounce package contains 10 individual shu mai for $2.99."
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02/ 4/2012

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