Trader Joe's Fan - Orange Flavored Cranberries
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Eating them right now!
I am enjoying these as I type. The only 'problem' I have with these is that they are too good! Like other sweets you need self control. Mix them with nuts for a snack to go.

Another odd idea that's good
I love mixing these in with the raw almonds. A really healthy snack :) I saw these in the store and thought "how odd", but I like the taste of oranges without liking to eat them so I thought "well, huh, worth a shot." Turns out these are juicy and orangey and delicious. A new surprise favorite.

Strongly orange
The best part about TJ cranberries is that they aren't as sickeningly saccharine as most other brands--Ocean Spray and the Costco version come to mind. And as someone who will eat the whole bag in one sitting, it's important to have tartness without all that sugar. :) The orange zest is REALLY strong, which is good and bad--again, by the end of the entire bag, it gets tiring.

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