Trottole seem to be macaroni by another name. Trottole seem a bit bigger and every trottole is actually a pair of intertwined trottole. Any possibel comparisions stop there on the surface. The taste and texture of trottole are what catpult them ahead of any ordinary macaroni. They are dense and chewy. They also taste superior. I always thought pasta tasted the same and relied on buckets of sauce and cheese to flavor it. With these, you will want less and less on your pasta. Italians are known for their sparing use of sauce and cheese, prefering to taste the pasta itself. I now understand. In short, the best pasta I ever had. Do not overcook these and use just enough sauce to coat them. Add a touch of grated cheese and enjoy.
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06/ 9/2007
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June 9, 2007

I remember when these first came in, I thought "not another pasta", but this is fantastic! Like all pasta, don't overcook, but the texture is absolutely perfect. I usually stick to the whole wheat pastas, but this is my one exception. Try it in a cold salad mixed with the sundried tomato bruschetta and smoked mozzarella. Yummy

September 6, 2007

They have discontinued this product and all the Trader Giotto's pastas in the state of Washington.

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