Instant Miso Soup

This is hands down the best instant miso soup I've ever had. This just-add-water package offers four large envelopes and I swore that when my daughter brought me a bowl, that she had freshly chopped onion tops in there. Lo and behold, they were dried! The flavor is outstanding and the tofu is icing on the cake. Amazing. Both of us squealed with joy upon our first taste. Definitely a keeper, next best thing to being at a sushi bar!
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bytj addict

December 10, 2006

It makes a good mid-afternoon snack. The packets are perfect for storing in my desk at work!

January 29, 2007

I agree, this miso rivals the stuff you get at good Japanese restaurants. It's also a good source of vegetarian protein and an excellent lunch.

March 9, 2007

Based on your and your daughter's enthusiasm, I actually made a trip to TJ's *just* to buy a box of Instant Miso Soup. You are, without qualification, absolutely correct. It is subperb, rivals restaurant quality, and the quality of the dried tofu and onion are such that intantly upon adding the hot water, they turn vibrant green and moist as if they were fresh. This is as good as the soup I purchase for $2.00 a bowl at the local sushi bar, for lunch. Now, I have the packets in my desk and I'm going back tonight for another box. I plan to cut up more tofu and perhaps some prawns to add next time, for a healthy lunch soup. Thanks, Jo and Daughter!

April 5, 2007

I love this stuff! As KJF and tj said this is great to have on hand at work. It's a wonderful pick-me up or afternoon snack. Much healthier than grabbing something out of the vending machine!

July 2, 2007

I leave nearby japanese supermarkets that carry the real stuff, but I'm still going back for these :)

July 4, 2007

absolutely awesome. even better than sushi restaurants.

September 14, 2007

This has to be the best "packaged" Miso Soup I've ever tried. The taste is very similar to those miso soups served at Japanese restaurants. I sometimes add some diced tofu and green onions, but it taste good just by itself too!!

October 26, 2007

thinly slice mushrooms/ add some prawns and there is a dinner in itself

February 17, 2008

I keep these in my desk at work also. I make the real stuff at home with added veggies, etc, but this works perfect at work just adding the hot water from the water cooler and back at your desk in a jiffy.

Definitely one of the best instant miso soups I have tried.

March 11, 2008

This is one of the few TJ's products that I really don't like. It has a weird fishy flavor and isn't very good at all. I would save your money and get a real cup of miso soup at a Japanese restaurant if you can.

April 8, 2008

I eat take out sushi a LOT and subsequently eat a lot of miso. This comes no where near restaurant quality (keep in mind I do live in the west so we have excellent/fresh sushi and top notch sushi chefs -- not sure if that makes a diff.). The consistency of this soup is grainy. I prepared it using boiling water and letting it sit to dissolve then stirred. It was also a bit salty and the flavor was off. I would not recommend.

April 18, 2008

I love Miso soup but this doesn't even come close. It is too fishy tasting and tastes nothing like the Miso you would get at a Sushi restaurant. One item of Traders I would not recommend.

November 20, 2008

First let me say I am a BIG trader joe's fan and love all the soups I have tried other than this one. It was very salty and very fishy tasting. Not going to be buying this one again.

December 25, 2008

This tasted very plain and I didn't like the taste, it's overly sweet, and doesn't have enough goodness like tofu or wakame. It is instant but I was expecting more, somehow.

May 20, 2009

This is one of the better instant Miso Soups I have had. Perfect for a quick lunch with a TJ sushi box and some edamame, or as a snack. I like to add a litte extra gren onion ond tofu. I think it is gret I do not have to run to the asian store for a miso soup fix anymre. Delicous

February 12, 2011

Best Miso soup ! Better and cheaper then kikomons!

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