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Refresh Shampoo
The shampoo smells great and does a fabulous job getting hair clean. It works well on my thick curly hair as well as my husband's fine hair. A good buy at $1.99!

You just can't go wrong with Refresh
I totally agree with helofan. With all the chemically and detergent laden, bad-for-your-hair and skin shampoos out there that cost a silly amount of money, you just can't go wrong with natural Refresh shampoo or conditioner at $1.99 a bottle. And as an added bonus, it really lit up my blonde highlights. I'm guessing because of all the chamomile.

I've never encountered a Trader Joes beauty product I didn't love- until I found this one!

The smell was great and the ingredients were equally great, so I tried it out; it butchered my hair! I stopped using it a full month ago and my hair still feels stripped. While I was using it my normally oily hair was really tangly, dry and not at all shiny or soft.

I don't know why it did this to my hair, but I'm staying far, far away from it from now on!

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