Silver Goat Chevre

I always have some of this at home. I'm no goat cheese connoisseur, but this cheese is smooth, creamy with that sour tartness you expect of goat cheese. I use it all the time in salads, mashed potatoes (yup, try it!) and use it for pizza toppings. The best part is that it is $4.29 for a 12oz roll which is like half to a third of the price in my local grocery chain. That's $5.72 a pound! A real, REAL good value.
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04/ 3/2006
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byDemo Diva

April 5, 2006

I agree with Jovanna, this is the best goat cheese TJ's carries. The versatility of it is amazing. I mix it with Italian seasoning and pipe it into peppadew peppers from South Africa. YUMMY!! You can find those peppers at most gourmet shops and at that really expensive grocery chain in their olive bar section.

June 27, 2006

If anyone has the recipe that TJ's uses in the demos, using this cheese & the roasted tomato soup, I'd love it!

March 19, 2007

This goat cheese is the best of all. 'Nuff said!

January 5, 2008

i love goat cheese! it's tangy and great on salads! you get a big tube for the price and it lasts forever..

February 25, 2008

They actually make a cherry cinnamon version of this goat cheese that is fantastic in salads with some dried cranberries and almonds.

March 6, 2008

I used this in Vegetable Wellington and it was fabulous! I was hesistant to try goat cheese in the first place, but now I'm a big fan!

April 12, 2008

this is some of the best goat cheese i've come across. especially good in salads, or on tortillas with spinach. I love it!

June 4, 2008

I agree with the other reviews. This is delicious, versatile and priced very well. A staple in my fridge.

April 17, 2010

A local cafe makes an awesome Bison burger and tops it with this goat cheese. They take a slice, "smash" it down and lightly coats each side with sesame seeds and then they sear it in a cast iron skillet until lightly browned. The bison burger is cooked to perfection and then topped with the sesame crusted goat cheese. It is served with green leaf lettuce and a nice sized slice of a beef steak tomato! I cannot tell you how good this burger is . . . amazing! I am going to try making my own bison burgers with sesame crusted goat cheese at home.

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