Trader Joe's Fan - Steel Cut Oatmeal
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It's OK, but
This frozen stuff is a vast improvement over instant oatmenal, but not nearly as good as cooking steel cut oats on the stovetop. It's a texture thing. Real stealcut oats are sort of nutty. This frozen stuff is much smoother and mushier.

Love it
My local TJs just got these in. I love them. The are real convenient and delicious. I agree with terrier that they aren't exactly like slow cooked steel cuts, but they only take 4 minutes.

Once you've tried this, you will never go back to instant oatmeal again
It comes in two frozen individual servings, and you microwave it for four minutes each and you have a wonderful bowl of fabulous oatmeal. It has a maple, brown sugar flavor, but I think it could use a little more brown sugar. I put fresh blueberries on top, but I think any fruit or raisins would be equally good. It fills you up for hours and is only 150 calories per serving.

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