Trader Joe's Fan - Triple Ginger Snaps
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Have to Agree...
...with terrier. Definitely addictive if you like ginger snaps at all.

Wal-Mart has a very similar product, but theirs are packaged in small brown bags--not the nice big tub that TJ's has.

Fantastic flavor!
I LOVE the cookies! They have a really nice, warm ginger-y flavor. Just sweet enough, with the right crunch for a cookie. I love to make little mini ice cream sandwiches with vanilla Soy Delicious and these cookies. Very tasty. Oh, and any crumbs that just happen to be in the bottom of the bin taste great over ice cream.

Another nice cookie!
BAsed on the comments here I gave these a try. I am alongtime fan of the Archway ginger snaps, but I'm trying to rid my diet of alot of those "phoney" ingredients. I tried the organic snaps at TJs and the flavor for the calories, just wasn't worth it. THESE taste more like Archways, but BETTER than Archway...more gingery flavor, andthe calories are the same....yay!

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