Trader Joe's Fan - Vegetable Egg Rolls
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just saying. they turn out soggy, yet chewy from being overcooked. toaster oven/ regular oven ALL the WAY!

have you ever had egg rolls from a grocery store? yeah, it taste exactly like that. nothing more or less. it's good if you're on a budget or something and don't want to eat out as much...

These are just O.K.
Be prepared to have some type of dipping sauce for them, otherwise, I find them to be kind of bland. We're going to try them with the TJs Mango Ginger chutney and see how that goes. This makes a good meal alongside some of the TJs veggie or chicken potstickers. We just steam those and heat the eggrolls in the oven to maintain the crunch factor.

Heat them up in a toaster oven, and they are great with sweet and sour sauce - what I do is I mix half ketchup and half sweet and sour sauce together - it's delicious!

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