Trader Joe's Fan - Vodka of the Gods
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Not So!
Vodka of the Gods will go toe to toe with any reasonably priced vodka. People see the low price and let it affect their judgement, but the fact is, unless your drinking it straight, most people will have a hard time distinguishing one vodka from another in a mixed drink in a double-blind test. Why? Because vodka is a neutral spirit. It is distilled to pure alcohol and watered down to bottling proof. That's it.

Even mixed with juice, tonic, red bull, etc etc....this stuff still sucks. I can't get anyone to drink it and I'm stuck with about a gallon of it!!!

Not so again...
Obvioisly wackywanda has never met me, or any vodkateer worth his mixer. Send me what's left of that gallon and I'll make short work of it, my dear. You see, I have the one and only One True Liver, and it must be fed The Vodka of the Gods to facilitate communication with the Infinate.

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