Dessert Wines for Valentines Day

dessert_wines.gifYou can make that romantic meal even more special by topping it off with a sweet wine and dessert. Port, Sauternes, Ice Wine, Muscat aka Moscato, and Vin Santo are some of the more common dessert wines.

With prices of some dessert wines astonomically high, we are recommending a few for you to try at under $10.00. Remember, when pairing a sweet wine with dessert, choose a dessert that’s just slightly less sweet than the wine if possible.

Muscat de Saint Jean de Minervois - $8.99 (375 ml)

100% Muscat Blanc a Petit Grains. A wonderful, rich aroma of apricot and honey. The taste, again of apricot and honey, is full and lush. It’s not too sweet and has a bit of citrus to balance it out. The mouthfeel is especially appealing. 15% alcohol. This would work well with all types of fruit and fruit desserts. Serve chilled.

IPSUS Passito di Pantelleria - $8.99 (500 ml)

Moscato from Italy. Apricot and orange flavors. This is a bit lighter in flavor than the Muscat de Saint Jean de Minervois but tastes somewhat more alcoholic. This is not as elegant as some moscatos but is very drinkable and inexpensive for 500 ml. Pair this with an apricot flan tarte from TJ’s. Serve chilled.

evenus_smaller.gifEvenus Zinfandel Port - $9.99 (375 ml)

This high alcohol (19.4%) zinfandel port from Paso Robles has aromas of blackberries and raisins. Flavors of prunes, raspberries, and blackberries jump out at you while the flavors of coconut and chocolate are more subtle. With its attractive packaging and explosive flavors, this port really packs a punch. Try it with Scharffen Berger’s bittersweet or extra dark chocolate.

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